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This #1 Double Hammock Is INSANELY Popular. Oh And Right Now It Is 40 Percent Off

I’m not sure the last time I came across a product this popular on Amazon. Just look at this!

Amazon screenshot

When you see all five stars shaded in it usually means there’ve been, like, two customer reviews. Fifteen hundred? That’s madness! Ninety-one percent of those customers declared this hammock absolutely perfect, worthy of 5 out of 5 possible stars. Do you know how hard it is to get fourteen hundred people to agree on something? Especially on something being good?

The glowing consensus on this product makes the current 40 percent off deal mind-blowing. I can’t imagine a reason they’d need to run a sale like that on such a hot item, especially on the precipice of camping season.

Normally $60, this double hammock is 40 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Bear Butt #1 Double Hammock on sale for $45.97

Maybe these folks are having trouble moving their product (which comes in green and orange, as well as blue) because their company is called Bear Butt. That’s a really dumb name, and I could see people not wanting to carry something around with the word butt on it.

The Bear Butt people seem to be aware of this, however, as they address this in the product description:

WHY WOULD I BUY FROM A COMPANY CALLED BEAR BUTT? WHO IS BEAR BUTT? We aren’t the big superstar company that will constantly ignore you and treat you like another “dollar dollar bill.” We are a 5 man NBA All star team working our BARE BUTT’s off to provide you with real customer service.

All right. That’s clever, I guess. Still wish it wasn’t called Bear Butt, though.

They got one of the blue and one of the green (Photo via Amazon)

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