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Sean Hannity is not going away — he swears

AP File Fox News pundit Sean Hannity has been under fire this week for pushing a murder-conspiracy theory with no evidence.

Embattled Fox News commentator Sean Hannity took off for a brief vacation this week. However, unlike his former colleague, Bill O’Reilly, he promises to be back on the air very soon.

Hannity, like O’Reilly, has suffered an advertiser backlash in the wake of repeatedly pushing a baseless murder conspiracy retracted Tuesday by Fox News. But he took to Twitter to tell his followers not to worry and poke fun at his critics:

Uh oh My ANNUAL Memorial Day long weekend starts NOW. Destroy Trump/Conservative media breathless coverage starts! Did Hannity do last show?

That tweet was backed up by Fox News, which put out this statement:

“Like the rest of the country, Sean Hannity is taking a vacation for Memorial Day weekend and will be back on Tuesday. Those who suggest otherwise are going to look foolish.”

Why all the fuss over a vacation? You’ll recall that O’Reilly recently took a break amid an advertiser revolt and also vowed to return. Only he didn’t. Fox News fired the pundit — as outrage grew over sexual harassment allegations — and his top-rated program, “The O’Reilly Factor,” vanished from the airwaves.

Organizations such as Media Matters for America have pushed for Hannity’s ouster. So far, though, far fewer advertisers have fled Hannity than O’Reilly and the outrage has been relatively minimal.

At the crux of the Hannity controversy is his pushing of a now-debunked theory tied to the death of Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee employee who was gunned down last summer in Washington, D.C. While police suspect the shooting to be a botched robbery, Hannity suggested that Rich was murdered for releasing tens of thousands of emails from the DNC to Wikileaks. Also, Hannity said on Twitter that the story could potentially discount any evidence of collusion between Russian officials and the Trump administration leading up to the presidential election.

At least five advertising firms have pulled their commercials from the “Sean Hannity Show.”

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