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Producer Of JAY Z’s ‘4:44’ Album Links To 2016 Rumors Of ‘Response’ LP To Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’

A music producer behind JAY-Z’s 4:44 LP revealed a secret about its recording process that appears to link to certain rumors that the hip-hop release was coming as early as 2016, as a “response” to the album Lemonade by Beyonce, the rapper’s superstar wife.

Music maker No I.D. (born Dion Wilson) worked on a handful of tracks for the Brooklyn-born’s musician’s 13th disc, now exclusively streaming on Jay’s Tidal music service, and shared with the New York Times on Saturday that the Destiny’s Child alum and mother of the “Empire State of Mind” lyricist’s three children, 35, had a major say in how her husband’s album came together.

“I always call [Beyonce] our de facto A&R,” the producer mentioned of the “Hold Up” performer’s presence in the studio during the making of 4:44.

“Pillow talk is the strongest conversation on the planet. Every song has to get past her ears, in my eyes,” Wilson also stated, as Love B. Scott shared.

“She came by a lot and played a good part in helping us get over hurdles on certain records. Of course she’s genius-level with that.”

Notwithstanding Wilson’s compliment, the producer’s reveal of JAY Z and Beyonce working in tandem on 4:44 connects to several rumors that were made following the release of the latter performer’s Lemonade album in 2016; an album which was themed around the long-speculated narrative that Jay had once been unfaithful to Beyonce with a certain home-wrecking “Becky”.

No I.D., the producer behind #444, reveals Beyonce "played a good part" in the fruition of Jay Z’s new album:

Furthermore, it was also speculated by several media outlets that the “revealing” look into Beyonce and Jay’s marriage by way of Lemonade, had been nothing more than a publicity stunt that would soon spawn a recorded “response” from JAY Z — which has seemingly, now, come to pass with the actual release of the 4:44 album.

One of the producers on rapper JAY Z’s ‘4:44’ album may have accidentally confirmed a long-standing “response” rumor regarding Beyonce, the rapper”s Grammy-winning wife. [Image by Dave Kontinsky/Stringer/Getty Images]

In fact, a report from the New York Daily News in August of 2016 — four months after the release of Beyonce’s Lemonade — first noted the possibility of the singer-songwriter and her husband coming together to promote a pair of call-and-response albums as being a “meticulously calculated stunt” for both stars’ fan bases and the public at large, to trudge through to in hopes of seeking out the “real” truth behind the couple’s relationship.

“At first, [Lemonade] streams like a rallying cry for women scorned to flip the script,” they wrote.

“But is the ‘Beyhive’ being played here? Because now that we’ve [all] had a few days to digest Lemonade, the wronged woman premise is [becoming] harder to swallow. Are we finally seeing the real Beyonce, or is this another meticulously choreographed performance?”

As it happens, most of the lyrics heard on 4:44 by JAY Z do indeed seem to link by those sung by an emotional Beyonce on Lemonade, but none more so than the album’s title track, where Jay directly answers for his blame in his wife’s multiple miscarriages that Beyonce herself mentioned in Life Is But A Dream (her 2014 HBO documentary), and as part of a poem entitled “Apathy” for the visual album of Lemonade (prior to the music video for “Sorry”).

In “4:44,” Jay fully owns his blame for Beyonce’s many miscarriages, as Refinery29 reported.

“Look, I apologize, often womanize. [It] took for my child to be born [to] see through a woman’s eyes, took for these natural twins to believe in miracles. So I apologize, I’ve seen the innocence leave your eyes. I still mourn this death, I apologize for all the still borns.”

In his New York Times interview, Jay’s producer went on to claim that despite all appearances, he and the rapper never once discussed the concept of making 4:44 as a response to Beyonce’s Lemonade album.

Singer Beyonce poses with the two Grammys she won for the album ‘Lemonade’ at the 2017 Grammy Awards. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Stringer/Getty Images]

“[We never] spoke of that album,” Wilson said, ” [but] because he talks about himself [in his music], it’s going to bleed into [his songs], regardless,” he went on.

“But there’s a difference in talking about it for the sake of response and for the sake of honesty and the truth. The truth needs to explain why you are the way you are, why you did what you did. We know what happened. We got it. But what were the circumstances that led to this and how do you feel about it?”

Both JAY Z’s 444 and Beyonce’s Lemonade albums are now available to stream in full on Tidal.

[Featured Image by Jason Miller/Stringer/Getty Images]