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15 Easy Ways to Burn Calories Without Even Noticing

A bath

Glaze Image/ShutterstockSoaking in a hot bath for 30 minutes can burn 130 calories. That’s about as many as a 30-minute walk. Relaxing in a hot bath can induce passive heating, which reduces inflammation, which also happens to your body post workout. A study in Finland also revealed that passive heating could help to ward off cardiovascular disease. Try these other ways to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Re-paint your walls

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Spending about an hour throwing a new coat of paint on your walls can burn over 200 calories. Read this guide first to choose the perfect paint.

Swap out your chair

wavebreakmedia/ShutterstockReplace your desk chair with an exercise ball. Balancing on a stability ball all day will help you engage your core and thigh muscles and can help improve your posture. Many people have jobs that require them to be in front of their computer screen all day; by swapping out your chair you can burn around 300 more calories than when you just slump in your desk chair all day.

Play a game of charades

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Letting the competitive side of you come out can be beneficial when it comes to burning calories. Get your body moving by playing a game of charades with your friends.

Deep clean your house

SpeedKingz/ShutterstockInstead of spending the morning at the gym or in a yoga class, take the time to deep clean your house. Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing down your counters and sinks can burn a ton of calories. Try this schedule to clean your house in one day.

Rearrange the living room


Try a new layout for one of the rooms in your home. By pushing, lifting, and rotating furniture around for 30 minutes you can get your heart rate up and burn some calories. Reference these tricks that interior decorators would never tell you for free.

Play with kids

Children never stop moving. Join in on their fun to help you burn a few calories. Playing a game of hopscotch for 20 minutes can burn over 100 calories.

Hit the bar with your friends


Invite a couple friends to go out with you and hit the dance floor. Break out your sexiest dance moves, and you’ll be burning plenty of calories without even noticing it. If you need a break from the crowded dance floor, play a game of darts; an hour game can burn around 200 calories.

Get your grocery shopping done


Pushing a full cart around the store for 45 minutes can burn over 100 calories. Now the chore of grocery shopping doesn’t seem so bad! Carrying your groceries from the car and putting them away can burn another 80 calories.

Rebuild your wardrobe


Don’t feel guilty about splurging on one too many new tops for your closet. Bring lots of options into the dressing room with you, for every new outfit you put on, you can burn around 15 calories. Try these fashion tips to look more expensive.

Give a massage

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You and your partner can give each other massages to help each other relax while also getting in some exercise. Unwind after a long day with your spouse and burn 200 calories by giving a 40-minute massage.

Karaoke night


Belt out those tunes! Singing for an hour can burn almost 140 calories. Laughing at your friends while they attempt to hit those high notes can burn even more. Twenty minutes of laughing can burn around 70 calories.

Build a garden

Rob Bayer/ShutterstockPulling weeds and planting new seeds for 30 minutes can burn 200 calories. These are other surprising health benefits of gardening.

Wash your car

PondPond/ShutterstockWater down, scrub, and wax your ride to burn over 200 calories. To burn even more calories, vacuum out and dust the inside of your car as well. Try these weird tricks that can help you clean your car.



Even though it might be annoying to others, fidget while you are sitting at your desk or eating dinner. Tapping your toes and moving around in your seat can burn 350 more calories than those who sit still all day. Sources:,